International CoeliacDay - 16 May 2015


Every year, the 16th May is a day we observe those affected by coeliac disease which could be

as many as 70 million people worldwide.


With diagnosis rates still low, many of our Member societies prepare a range of  awareness

raising activities lasting anything between a day to an entire month! These events are aimed at

helping doctors to identify the symptoms early on and also provides important information to

government institutions to gain support for those affected.


This is what our Members are organising over the next weeks:


Cyprus-Cyprus Coeliac Association

  • Cyprus Coeliac society cooking course- A press release on coeliac disease will be 
  •   forwarded to the Cypriot Government
  • - A sponsored gluten-free cooking event will be 
  •   organized for the society’s members.
  • - 500 copies of a flyer on coeliac disease will be 
  •   handed out to the citizens of Cyprus.



 AOECS General Assembly 2015



Preparations for the General Assembly are underway and our hosts this year - the Coeliac Society of Ireland - are inviting us to their lovely city of Dublin! Register now to catch the Early Bird rate at


Czech Republic-Spolecnost pro bezlepkovou dietu


SPBD ICDFor the 10th year running, the society is organising their traditional event ‘Forum celiaku’ to coincide with the International Coeliac day on 16 May with around 700 visitors expected to attend. Speakers include Dana Gabrovská of the Czech Federation of the Food and Drink Industries, Professor Ji?í NEVORAL, a medical expert on coeliac disease and Tamara Starnovská of the Czech Nurses’ Association. 

The event is being promoted in newspaper publications, on TV, through the society’s facebook pages and their website.





Finnish Coeliac Society Facebook pageThe society is promoting the International Coeliac Day on their social media platforms, have a look at their Facebook page and Twitter

More national and regional awareness raising activities take place annually in the week 36, which is the National Coeliac Week organized by the Coeliac Society since 1996. This year week 36 falls on 31, Aug – 6, Sep 2015.



Germany-Deutsche Zöliakie-Gesellschaft e.V


DZG International Coeliac DayOn 16 May the following activities will take place:


A procession through the city centre of Leipzig to the Augustusplatz (Augustus Square)


Doctor-patients seminar on coeliac disease at the Augustusplatz campus of the University of Leipzig

12.15-16.30hrs at the Augustusplatz there will be talks on gluten-free markets and labelling of gluten-free products, cooking demonstrations on the preparation of gluten-free meals and performances by music and dance groups.



Italy-Associazione Italiana Celiachia

AIC International Coeliac Day

From 16 to 22 May our Member society in Italy is organising numerous activities, for a full list see their website dedicated to this week, that also contains videos on how to manage gluten contamination at home. (Please note that these are only available in the Italian language.)


During this week, every phone call to the society’s telephone number is free of charge and will connect to a medical team consisting of a doctor, a psychologist and a nutritionist. A poster explaining coeliac disease and the gluten-free diet will be displayed in medical centres, restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies.


Cooking courses, competitions and dinners will also be run throughout the week.

The slogan of the Awareness Week “1% of the World population has to eat gluten free” has been created to coincide with the slogan of the international EXPO Exhibition: “Feed the Planet. Energy for Life”. The event is taking place in Milan 1 May to 31 Oct 2015 and is dedicated entirely to food and nutrition ( see Expo). The society is also continuing with its Eating Out programme which lists all Italian catering establishments where staff are trained and monitored in the safe preparation of gluten-free meals. See the full list of 3.800 venues all over Italy.

Luxembourg-Association Luxembourgeoise des Intolérants au Gluten


ALIG gluten free marketThe society is organising a national information day on 10 May 2015 which consists of:

- a talk by gastroenterologist Dr Corinne Bouteloup on

  coeliac disease

- a gluten free market

- handing out information on the society’s activities in

  support of those suffering from coeliac disease


Download the society’s events leaflet here.



Norway-Norsk cøliakiforening


Norway coeliac society ICD

The society is sending a press release to local and national newspapers with the title:


"Is it acceptable that thousands go undiagnosed?"


More awareness raising activities will take place in the second week of September 2015.



Spain-Federación de Asociaciones de Celíacos de España


FACE ICDThe society is organising a range of events and activities:



  • Breakfast with Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic at the “Open de tenis de Madrid”

  • Discounts in selected restaurants, hotels and health insurance organisations

  • A video compilation of regional groups activities on YouTube

  • A press release on coeliac disease 



Spain-Celiacs de Catalunya


This year the society is planning a "fun fair" al fresco on 17 May 2015 to include:


  • representatives from the food industry informing on new developments
  • a talk on coeliac disease
  • some entertaining activities such as a mobile discotheque with real life DJ's
  • children's activities and a barbeque


Switzerland-IG Zöliakie der Deutschen Schweiz


Throughout the month of May, the Swiss coeliac societies are organising the below events:


  • discounts on gluten-free meals and products in selected restaurants, hotels and supermarkets across Switzerland, for a detailed list download their programme

  • gluten-free cooking courses


 United Kingdom-Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK ICD

During the week of 11-17 May, Coeliac UK is organising a range of events mainly focussing on improving diagnosis rates:


  • Launching of a public awareness campaign on improving diagnosis rates, have a look at their website.
  • Launching of a new dedicated website on 8 May aimed at helping people carry out a self-assessment to see if they could have coeliac disease. They can answer questions related to their symptoms, associated conditions and family history. If the results are positive, advice is given to see a doctor. Funding to advertise this campaign on TV or cinema in the UK has been obtained and is being finalised.
  • Posters and videos are being displayed in doctor’s surgeries, community pharmacies and other healthcare settings. Some videos will be shown in waiting rooms at doctors’ surgeries and across a range of media platforms. 
  • A number of walks to raise awareness and funds have been organised around the country with over 300 people taking part. More information on the walks can be found here.