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International Coeliac Day 2017

International Coeliac Day is all about raising awareness of the condition amongst the general public and healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists and dietitians.

Many of our Member societies held events to observe this day of worldwide recognition of coeliac disease.

This included information events to help recognise the symptoms of coeliac disease and to obtain a diagnosis.

The treatment of coeliac disease is following a lifelong gluten-free diet and being careful about what to eat when outside of the home. Which is why some of our Member societies have organised the popular gluten-free food fairs. For people with coeliac disease it is a wonderful experience to know all products being exhibited are safe to eat!

Of course, we still recommend to read all labels to be sure you won’t react to any of the other ingredients.


Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK is celebrating its 2017 Awareness Week by starting a Gluten Freevolution! This new campaign aims to increase the availability of gluten free food when eating out or on the move. The Gluten Freevolution also aims to improve the overall customer experience, by educating businesses about issues like cross contamination, as well as coeliac disease and its symptoms. If you would more information, you can download the campaign pack.

The Gluten Freevolution introduces a Cyril the duck who has coeliac disease, and his fellow quacktivists Sophie and Sam, who are leading the charge and telling everyone about the gluten free diet and why catering businesses need to do more to provide safe and trusted gluten free food.

Watch Cyril's videos:

Join the Gluten Freevolution

What happens when someone with coeliac disease eats gluten

What you need to know about catering gluten free

Top ten tips for catering gluten free

Coeliac UK has also produced FREE guidance for businesses that want to improve their gluten free menu and attract new and loyal customers.

Coeliac Society of Ireland

The Irish coeliac society have launched a campaign on the “Faces of Coeliac Disease” to highlight the fact that coeliac disease affects people of all ages. For more information, download their leaflet or visit their website.

Czech Coeliac Society - Společnost pro bezlepkovou dietu

The Czech Coeliac Society is holding a Gluten Free Expo in Prague on 27 May 2017 at the PVA EXPO Prague Letňany. The programme includes talks by experts on coeliac disease as well as a large gluten free food fair. You can find more information and a list of gluten free exhibitors on their website.

Coeliac Society of Andorra - Associació de Celíacs d'Andorra

Our Member society in Andorra is organising a 3-day event between 12-14 May 2017. The programme includes several presentations on coeliac disease and gluten free cooking demonstrations. For more information, visit their website.

Italian Coeliac Society - Associazione Italiana Celiachia (AIC)

Between from 13-21 May 2017, the Italian Coeliac Association is organising a national Coeliac Awareness Week. In the course of this week, the general public in Italy will receiving information on coeliac disease and the gluten-free diet.

The week's events will focus on the following topics:

  • Gluten-free is not fashion, it’s a therapy!
  • How to follow a healthy GF diet
  • Coeliac disease & Fitness

A dedicated website has been created for this special week that can be accessed online at La Settimana della Celiachia (translated – Coeliac Disease Week). There, visitors can find a press release, infographics and leaflets that can be printed off and distributed. It also includes a list of local events such as gluten-free cooking demonstrations, seminars in schools, cooking contests and training courses for caterers.

Specific guidelines on sport/fitness & coeliac disease will be issued during the week, under the patronage of the CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee.

Also happening during this special week is the every phone call made to the AIC will be free of charge! Answering the calls will be a doctor, a psychologist and a nutritionist to provide information on coeliac disease, its diagnosis and the gluten-free diet.

For more information on the Italian Coeliac Society, visit their website

Spanish Coeliac Society - Associació de Celíacs de Catalunya (SMAP)

Our Spanish Member society – the Celíacs de Catalunya - is celebrating an entire month of Coeliac Awareness as it coincides with their 40th anniversary!

Have a look at the exciting things they have lined up by downloading their brochure.

For more information on the society, visit their website.

Spanish Coeliac Society - Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España (FACE)

In celebration of International Coeliac Day, our Spanish Member society - Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España - has created a blue balloon campaign to raise awareness of the condition. Read more about it here.  

Celiacs' Association of the Czech Republic - Sdruzeni celiaku Ceske republiky

On the occasion of the International Coeliac Day, our Member Society in Czech Republic organized an event for people with coeliac disease. The programme included a medical element and some gluten-free products tasting. For more information, visit their website.

Dutch Coeliac Society - Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging

For International Coeliac Day, the Dutch Coeliac Society NCV planned various activities over a week. For more information, download the full programme

French Society - Association Francaise Des Intolerants Au Gluten (AFDIAG)

Our French Society had an open day at its offices packed with events, such as a gluten free breakfast and a lottery draw. For more information, please download the full brochure.

Polish Coeliac Society - Polskie Stowarzyszenie Osób z Celiakią i na Diecie Bezglutenowej

The Polish Coeliac Society organized three big events in different cities:

Bialystok – picnic for people on gluten-free diet:

Szczecin - scientific conference for patients, doctors and dietitians, organised together with our medical partners from World Gastroenterology Organization:

Warsaw - scientific picnic for the members of our Society and their families: