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International Coeliac Day 2018

International Coeliac Day (ICD) 2018 will be celebrated on 16 May 2018. ICD is all about raising awareness of the condition amongst the general public and healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists and dietitians.

Many of our Member societies will be holding events to observe this day of worldwide recognition of coeliac disease.

This may include information events to help recognise the symptoms of coeliac disease and to obtain a diagnosis.

The treatment of coeliac disease is following a lifelong gluten-free diet and being careful about what to eat when outside of the home. Which is why some of our Member societies have organised the popular gluten-free food fairs. For people with coeliac disease it is a wonderful experience to know all products being exhibited are safe to eat!

Of course, we still recommend to read all labels to be sure you won’t react to any of the other ingredients.


Polish Coeliac Society

For ICD, the Polish Society is organising the Gluten Free expo on 15 and 16 May, 2 days of gluten free fest in Warsaw!

The event, free for coeliacs, will include exhibitions from gluten free food producers from Poland and abroad, restaurants, hotels and other catering companies with gluten free menu special guests and celebrities, GF cooking shows,  some free advice from doctors and dieticians .. and much more.

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