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Italian and Serbian Health Ministries sign cooperation protocol on coeliac disease

The two Ministries signed the protocol of cooperation on 2nd October , thereby committing to develop and support cooperation in the following areas:

•             diagnosis and follow-up of coeliac disease;

•             access to medical treatments and care for coeliac patients;

•             best practices for food safety control of gluten-free products and production facilities.


News on the signing has been published on the website of the Serbian Ministry of Health ( ), on that of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation ( and on Italian news websites (

This is an important success of for the Serbian Coeliac Society and the Italian Coeliac Society who worked together to make their Governments reach this agreement, that will help to increase diagnosis and assistance to coeliacs in Serbia.

This is a great success also of the AOECS as this work was developed under the “Big Brother” project framework of the European Federation.